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Students in Canterbury irresponsibly disposing of waste

By 7 March 2023March 30th, 2023No Comments

Canterbury Street has been covered in rubbish caused by untrained students

Lessons to be given to students in Canterbury who have caused a year of grime. The city council hopes that this will help improve the recurring issues.

An ongoing issue with littering in Canterbury street has caused an entire year of grime. Thought to be caused by students, the city council has decided it’s time to educate young people on how to dispose of their waste properly.

The residents of the street, who have had to live in these conditions, have had to avoid rotten food, sanitary items, and human vomit for weeks on end.

The site of all the discarded waste is also a shortcut to the nearby primary school, which means there are also young children and parents who have to dodge the filth too. The street has been clean during the 6-week holidays, however, residents are expecting the issue to return once school starts in September.

A Northgate resident said “After a year of filth and antisocial behaviour, they’ve now left as they began – leaving huge piles of rubbish for others to deal with. It’s disgusting and the council hasn’t lifted a finger despite numerous calls throughout the year.”

The council has assured residents that the reports haven’t been ignored and aims to provide education to the students on how to responsibly dispose of their waste.

Northgate ward councillor, Alan Badock (Lab), has responded to these plans with negativity. He believes that lessons aren’t enough to stop these issues from recurring, he thinks there needs to be a new mentality on the city’s waste collection.

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