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Fly-tipper Jailed in Kent

By 14 March 2023April 6th, 2023No Comments

Fly-tipper Jailed in Kent For Dumping Waste in Kent Business Park

James Atkins, 29, from Essex has been handed a 16-month sentence after being found guilty of fly-tipping. He was using his lorry to dump waste including brick rubble, soil, and plastic at Swan Business Park in 2017.

An operation was carried out by the Environmental Agency which included physical evidence of his crimes. A video showed the truck, registered to Atkins, was seen dumping the waste on the park at 11.13 pm.

The businesses that operate from Swan Business Park had to pay more than £3,000 to have the waste removed responsibly. Essex police state that they seized the lorry a week after the incident as it was found abandoned in Pufleet. The criminal was interviewed under caution but refused to answer any questions to aid the police investigation.

The lead investigator from the Environmental Agency investigation, Lesley Robertson, said: “We take illegal waste activity very seriously, and will not hesitate to disrupt criminal behaviour and prosecute those responsible. Atkins allowed his vehicle to be used to dump waste in Dartford. He operated at a commercial advantage, undermining legitimate business with little or no regard for the environment – and firms, where the waste was dumped outside their premises, had to pay for the clean-up.”

His actions allowed him to dodge fees and taxes that are paid by legal and responsible waste disposal services. In court, he was found guilty of waste offenses, failure to give himself up at an earlier hearing, and driving whilst disqualified too. Alongside this, he has been fined £6,000 in costs.

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