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Lorries dump waste on industrial estate for over 5 years

Lorries have been dumping waste on Brambletree Wharf for six years

Fly tipping waste onto an industrial estate in Rochester has been allowed for a minimum of six years.

It has been reported that up to 40 lorries per day have been unloading masses of waste including building materials, household waste, and cars, into Brambletree Wharf. This has led to picturesque landscapes now looking like a landfill site.

A large amount of this waste ends up being burnt which also creates huge amounts of smoke. With the work on nearby land commencing, there are worries that this waste could pollute the River Medway.

Kelly Tolhurst, a Rochester MP, has been fighting for the cause for years. She is a resident of the village and wants the dumping to end for good.

She said, “I have been pleading for somebody from the Environment Agency to pay a site visit. But now this has gone too far.” and “This is not blatant fly-tipping but organised waste disposal which has escalated during lockdown.”

Residents have said that the HGVs start dumping their rubbish from 6.30 am and come and go for the entire day.

A spokesman for the waste-dumping site told the BBC that they were attempting to grow grass for horses on their part of the land.  As well as this, they are trying to remove the skip companies who rent the neighbouring land.

Always be sure to check that your skip or waste removal company holds the relevant licences to dispose of your waste properly. As well as this, check online for reviews to hear from their previous customers.

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