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New Fears Of Increased Fly-Tipping After Commercial Waste Collection Is Axed In Kent

New fears of increased fly-tipping numbers have been raised by campaigners in Kent. This is due to the axing of a commercial waste collection service. The council made the decision at the beginning of March 2023 after officials confirmed an expected deficit in excess of £200,000 by the end of the year.

Councillor Ruth Bailey fears that there will be a rise in illegal waste disposal if they are unable to find a new replacement contractor before May 31st of this year. She also stated that it has been mentioned in local authority documents too.

Businesses that were using the service will be charged the normal rates for at least the following 2 months. Council papers stated that it would “need to more than double existing fees to cover the actual cost of the service”. We advise that any businesses who are looking to dispose of waste regularly either hire a skip or seek a regular commercial waste collection service.

Originally, it was planned that the fees would be increased, however, they decided that it would only make matters worse for the customers. Cllr Bayford stated: “It is a difficult decision to take,” he added. “We know it’s a popular service for the businesses, and it looks good for the council.”

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