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Cutting Down on Your Plastic Use

Cutting Down on Your Plastic Use

Cutting Down on Plastic

Plastic pollution has grown to be one of the biggest concerns of this generation when it comes to climate change. Especially because it takes 450 years (give or take) for one water bottle to decompose, and in the meantime, it’s all being dumped in the ocean. 

All this is avoidable if we all do our part to cut down on our plastic use at home and in general day to day life. This means using recycled, and reusable items instead of single-use, disposable plastics. 

We’re going to use this article to explain what plastic is doing to our planet and how we can all be cutting down on our plastic use at home. We also give some tips on what’s best when you’re undergoing large projects with plastic waste. 

Plastic at Home

We go through more plastic than we know just in our households alone. From drinking cups, and bottles, to kids toys, and food containers, plastic is being used and disposed of all the time. So in order to really tackle the plastic pollution problem, we need to be more aware of this. To do this we need to be buying loose fruit and vegetables, reusable bags, recycled packaging, etc. 

There are lots of different alternatives to the standard plastic packaging and bags that we find convenient and everywhere. In order to start making a difference, we need to start to notice, take action, and use these alternatives.  

How Can Plastic Be Recycled? 

Plastic can only be recycled if you put it in the recycling bin so it can be sent off to the right disposal location. After this, the plastics can then be sorted by different polymer types, shredded, and then made into new forms of materials. 

There are some plastic types which are much harder to recycle, but mostly, all plastics can be easily manufactured into something new, if delivered to the right location. Even though plastics can be reused, this can only happen if we take the right precautions to start off. We need to be making sure we’re still not just using loads of plastic even though some can be reused. Also, all plastics need to be sorted and placed in the proper bins so that they can go through this process. 

What To Do When You Can’t Help It

Although we can all try to be a bit more conscious of our plastic use by buying reusable or recycled items instead, sometimes we can’t exactly help it. We mean in the instances of building large construction, or the deconstruction of a building, plastic use or disposal can’t be helped. This is where we can help you out a little bit. 

We make sure that any rubbish disposed with us is separated and recycled in the proper, responsible manner. Meaning that any plastic that is put into our skips will be recycled and reused, instead of being fly-tipped like other irresponsible skip companies. 

If you’d like to check out our prices you can head over to our price checker to start you’re booking process. There are a few items that are restricted from entering our skips due to safety reasons, but head over to waste restrictions page for some expert advice on where to responsibly dispose of these too!

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